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Heat Pump
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Product Name Model Photo Type Heating Capacity (kw) Supply & Exhaust Air volume (m3/h) Refrigerant Key Documents
Rooftop Heat pump WRF12ZA~WRF300ZA Standard heat pump type 12~300 6700~162000 R410A, R134A, R407C, R22 Brochure of rooftop heat pump
Air Source Heat Pump KFRS-4H1~KFRS-90J7 Air source 4~90 / Brochure of air source heat pump
KFRS-40J2Y/KFRS-40H7Y Air source, swimming pool 40 /
LTAEH-10HD~LTAEH-45HD EVI air source 8.8~42 / Brochure of EVI heat pump
Water (geothermal) Source Heat Pump MDS20D~MDS200D Water (geothermal) source 7.5~84 / Brochure of water(geothermal) source heat pump

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