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Dry coolers are available in a wide performance range between approx. 5 and 2,000 kW dry cooling performance. Depending on case of application, you can select between different series. All dry coolers are available in different noise levels and naturally suitable for outside installation. Water or water-glycol mixtures can be used as cooling medium. 

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Structure Type Model Photo Cooling cpacity (kw) Air volume (m3/h) Fan Diameter(mm) Air discharge direction Key documents
Plate Type Dry  Cooler  SHSL-D1-005-1x350~SD1-649-16x630 5~649 2828~263503 350~630 Vertical Brochure of SHSL-D1
V Type Dry Cooler SHSL-D2-148-4X630~SD2-921-20x630 148~921 76459~351663 630 Vertical Brochure of SHSL-D2
Plate Type Dry Cooler  SHSL-D3-042-1X800~SD3-607-12X800 42~607 21454~227449 800 Vertical Brochure of SHSL-D3
V Type Dry Cooler SHSL-D4-176-4X800~SD4-792-16X800 176~792 21454~227449 800 Vertical Brochure of SHSL-D4

Case 1: used in chemical plant. Case 2: used in chemical plant. Refrigerant: ethylic acid(flow: 372 ton/h) Case 3: used in communication station as air conditioner outdoor unit in China. Case 4: used in communication station as air conditioner outdoor unit
Case 5: used in garbage gisposal incinerator. Refrigerant: steam(flow: 69ton/h) Case 6: used in a power plant in Iraq Case 7: used in ore yard in Russia. Case 8: special designed to match the fruit and vegetable freezer for Singapore client.

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Dry cooler and chiller can work together as free cooling system, If you want to know more, please click here.
Dry cooler can instead cooling tower to offer cold water to water cooled chiller, If you want to know more, please click here.
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