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Packaged Rooftop Unit
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Type Model Photo COP Cooling cpacity (kw) Supply & Exhaust Air volume (m3/h) Refrigerant Key documents
Heat Pump Type Package Rooftop Unit WRF12ZA~WRF35ZA 2.7~3.3 12~35 6700~18900 R410A, R134A, R407C, R22 Brochure of 12~35kw
Heat Pump Type Package Rooftop Unit WRF45ZA~WRF105ZA 45~105 24100~61500 Brochure of 45~105kw
Heat Pump Type Package Rooftop Unit WRF120ZA~WRF300ZA 120~300 63000~162000 Brochure of 120~300kw


Country: Turkey
Type: heat pump type
Cooling capacity: 108.9KW;
Heating capacity: 113KW;
ESP: 350 Pa; 19940 m3/h
25% fresh air;

Country: Nigeria
Application: Pharmaceutical Factory
Type: heat pump type
Cooling capacity: 36.2kW
Heating capacity: 82kW
Refrigerant: R407C
Compressor: Sanyo

Country: Jordan
Application: Textile Factory
Type: heat pipe heat recovery type 
Cooling capacity: 368kW
Heating capacity: 359kW
Refrigerant: R410A
Compressor: Copeland
With heat recovery coil

Country: USA
Application: Residential
Type: heat pump type
Cooling capacity: 5 Ton
Heating capacity:
Refrigerant: R410A
COP: 3.0
Power supply: 230V/3PH/60Hz



Application:offshore Drilling Platform
Cooling capacity: 80kw
Supply air volume: 4000×2 m3/h
Condensing fan: 12000m3/h
Refrigerant: R407C
Power supply:430V-3Ph-60Hz
Evaporator & condenser type: copper tube epoxy aluminum fin

Cooling capacity: 128kw
Heating capacity: 135kw
Capacity regulator: 0,25,50,75,100
Power supply: 415V/3PH/50hz

Application: Amusement park
Cooling capacity: 180kw
Heating capacity: 192.5kw
Supply air volume: 32000m3/h
ESP: 550pa
Power supply: 380V/3PH/50hz

Country: Philippines
Application: Factory
Type: Fresh air type
Cooling capacity:21.9kw
Heating capacity:25kw
Supply air volume: 3000m3/h
Electric heating: 6kw
Power supply:220v/3PH/60hz
10% fresh air



Country: China
Application: Rolling bearing manufacturer 
Type: wheel heat recovery type 
Cooling capacity: 210kw
Heating capacity: 215kw
Supply air volume: 38000m3/h
Exhaust air volume: 38000m3/h 

Country: China
Application: Cool Storehouse
Type: constant temperature and constant humidity unit
One model:
Cooling capacity: 22kW & 180kW
Electric heating capacity: 82kW & 90kW
Humidifying capacity: 6kg/h & 30kg/h
Supply air: 4500 m3/h & 35000 m3/h

Country: China
Application:Ferry waiting hall
Type: heat pump type
Cooling capacity:182.5kw
Supply air volume: 22000m3/h

Country: China
Application:Flight simulation system laboratory
Cooling capacity:10kw
Supply air volume:3000m3/h
Power supply: 380V/3PH/50Hz

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