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Product: dry cooler. Country: Singapore
Application: wastewater treatment factory, cooling water
Cooling capacity: 429kW. Cooling medium: water
Supply power: 400V/3P/50Hz
Fan brand: Ziehl-Abegg


Product: dry cooler. Country: Russia
Application: ore yard cooling
Cooling capacity: 493kW. Cooling medium: 20% ethylene glycol
Supply power: 400V/3P/50Hz
Fan brand: Ziehl-Abegg


Product: adibatic dry cooler. Country: Peru
Application: instead of cooling tower, supporting factory`s chiller
Cooling capacity: 360kW. Cooling medium: water
Supply power: 440V/3P/60Hz
Fan brand: Chiness brand


Product: dry cooler. Country: Singapore
Application: match with fruit and vegerable freezer
Cooling capacity: 15kw
Cooling medium: 20% ethylene glycol
Supply power: 230V/1P/50Hz
Fan brand: Ziehl-Abegg


Product: dry cooler. Country: China
Application :cooling of solar heating system when it is overheated 
Cooling capacity: 463, 933 and 1475kW
Cooling medium: 50% propylene glycol water
Supply power: 380V/3P/50Hz
Fan brand: Ziehl-Abegg


Product: condensing units. Country: Malaysia
Application: warehouse
Model: MT160 Maneurop condensing units


Product: air cooled chiller. Country: Philippines
Cooling capacity: 21kW. Refrigerant: R404A
Water inlet temp.: -5℃.Water outlet temp.: -10℃
Supply power: 3P-220V-60Hz
Compressor brand: Bitzer.Compressor type: piston
40% glycol antifreeze


Product: air cooled chiller. Country: Malaysia
Cooling capacity: 116kW. Refrigerant: R404A
Water inlet temp.: -20℃. Water inlet temp.: -25℃
Supply power:3P-400V-50Hz
Compressor brand: Bitzer. Compressor type:screw
50% glycol antifreeze


Product: cooling tower. Country: Indonesia
Application: polyvinyl chloride factory
Capacity: 6977kW, water flow rate: 1200m3/h
Inlet temp.40℃, Outlet temp. 32℃
Wet bulb temp. 27℃


Product: air cooled screw chiller. Country: Jordan
Cooling capacity: 507kW. Refrigerant: R134A
Water outlet temp.: 7℃
Supply power: 3P-380V-50Hz
Compressor brand: Fusheng


Product: rooftop package unit. Country: Jordan
Application: textile factory
Type: heat pipe heat recovery type 
Cooling capacity: 368kW, heating capacity: 359kW
Refrigerant: R410A. Compressor: Copeland


Product: precision air conditioner. Country: Tajikistan
Application: telecom base station
Cooling capacity: 13KW, refrigerant: R407C
Free cooling circular damper.
Wall-mounted with the traditional upflow or the innovative downflow air delivery solution.

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